Quality Score for AdWords

Starting an AdWords campaign is mandatory to comply the keywords quality score, so to match at best ? keywords with landing page experience and the expected CTR. The better ? it will be such triangle, the best ? will be SEA and SEO positioning.

Image below is showing such relation, referring to an important research, and is supplying several tips about how to improve own SEO on the search engines.

Specifically there are 3 important parameters to get high quality score for AdWords, so that you can have the less possible CPC: ad relevance, landing page experience, expected keyword traffic.

ad relevance means how much ads content are triggering the meaning of the business content and the specific url: if your business is about fruits, your ad cannot be too much random otherwise it will trigger any content such as trendiness topics, for example.

Landing page experience concerns about the content of the landing page belonging to your business: it is, therefore, always suggested to not to trigger ads with home page, but the specific landing page concerning with the specific content. Although home page is representative of the business, it is usually way generic: Google demands coherence and precision, so quality score for AdWords will reward who is supplying specific experience to its own customer: the more you are precise, the easier you will convert your customers as fast as possible.

Expected keyword traffic is focused on how many clicks can be collected in a certain period. Google will reward high quantity keywords instead of extremely nichely ones, due to low business representation. On the other side not every business needs huge amount of digital traffic. Therefor expected traffic is not the most important to get high quality score for AdWords.

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