Google Ads, former Google Adwords & Online advertisement is one of the most useful and fastest tools to make our business well known, and increasing our customers as much as possible.

Anyway not everyone is able to use these tools…it is not enough to fill a nice text in the ad, or fill some general keyword just to be triggered, because we can wait for several weeks with no contact with customers, so there can be something wrong: spend is increasing, customers are missing.

It is therefore important to correctly use keywords, create winning ads whose goal is to ‘follow’ the customer in the research and drive him through extra info. It is important to use the correct slogans explaining our business as much as possible, mainly it is important to know what kind of advertising campaign on Google AdWords & online advertisement to use (search, display, shopping, dinamic for example) and the kind of targeting (in-market segments, interests, or just geographic and demographics). Our main goal, within these tools, is to let the customer land on our website with clear ideas about his willing connected with our function, collect last important information and drive him to the direct contact with us.

Supernet is able to follow turn-key project on the customers, due to past experience of the founders @Google services, better targetting advertising campaigns with customer own business, without wasting company budget in nonsense experiments. Specifically we supply here following:

  • market research
  • existing Adwords campaigns analysis and management
  • monthly report, tips included
  • Google customer service direct interaction and problem solving attitude

Working with Supernet means catching the SEA market, such as everything concerning digital marketing, specifically Google Ads and annex services, without wasting money, that is a mandatory topic during actual crisis period: is surviving who is investing, not who is wasting.